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ComfortStall® is a veterinarian recommended padded and sealed flooring system that goes beyond comfort, resulting in healthier horses, better air quality in the stable, and substantial cost savings.

Haygain Forager Feeder

Haygain Forager Feeder

The Forage Regulator, with its many differently shaped and sized holes, as well as its specific combination of sturdiness and flexibility, allows your horse to mimic natural grazing behavior.

Haygain Hay Steamer

Haygain Hay Steamer

Haygain’s patented steam distribution system completely penetrates, sterilizes and moistens your hay to help eliminate respitory dust and kill mold spores and bacteria.

Debbie McDonald Olympic Champ

“Nothing but the best for Brentina – safety and comfort come first! We love our ComfortStall products. Brentina has had her ComfortStall system for over 10 years and what a difference it has made. We highly recommend ComfortStall for all performance horses’ stalls and trailer floors!”

Debbie McDonald

Olympic and World Cup medalist and US Equestrian Dressage Development Coach

Champion Sir Mark Todd

“We all know that dry hay, even of the best quality, contains dust that affects horses’ respiratory system. To be sure that my event horses’ forage is clean and free of any dust or spores that may affect their performance, I use Haygain hay steamers. The Haygain has fitted into the yard routine beautifully and the horses are really enjoying the steamed hay. The HG Go is ideal to travel with and ensures my horses receive the same consistently clean forage away at competitions as they do at home.”

Sir Mark Todd

International event rider and double Olympic Gold medallist, New Zealand  

Joy Koch and Max

“I invented ComfortStall for my own horses because they deserved better. Now I also distribute Haygain and Forager, because my horses deserve them. And yours do, too!”

Joy Koch and her beloved Max

Founder, ComfortStall® Inc.