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Forager – Feeding hay at a natural pace

In their natural habitat, horses eat for 60% of their time yet stabled horses spend on average only 10% of their time feeding.

The Forager, with interchangeable forage regulators (patents pending), has been researched and developed to regulate the pace at which your horse eats, while allowing it to feed in a natural position.

The forage regulator is positioned between the muzzle and the hay; the horse pulls the forage through different holes, imitating grazing behavior. Feeding through the forager allows your horse to enjoy its forage for longer. The Forager’s innovative design allows access for light and ventilation making it easily accepted by your horse.

The unique Haygain Forager with interchangeable forage regulators (patents pending):

  • Regulates the pace at which your horse eats
  • Encourages natural feeding position and draining of the respiratory tract
  • Prevents muscle tension in the back and neck
  • Promotes a healthy gut and reduces the risk of colic
  • Aids in the prevention of gastric ulcers, obesity and laminitis
  • Stops cross-contamination of forage and bedding, saving you time and money
  • Reduces stable boredom and the development of stable vices
  • Well accepted by the horse due to innovative design allowing access for light and ventilation
  • Easy to clean, fill and flat pack for travel

For a healthier horse, make Forager part of your feeding routine.

A Better Way to Eat Hay!

The way we approach feeding horses today is very different from their natural behavior, where they would spend:

  • 60% grazing
  • 40% exhibiting other natural herd behaviors

Many horse owners feed high-energy concentrate meals 2 to 3 times a day with little hay available, leaving the average stabled horse spending:

  • 10% feeding
  • 90% exhibiting other behaviors

Limited access to hay can multiply heart rates by up to 4 at the time of feeding¹, and can lead to laminitis, gastric ulcers, colic, obesity and stable vices².

Horses are trickle-feeders and the health of their gastrointestinal tract and overall well-being is dependent on the consumption of small, regular meals throughout the day and night. Slow-feeding allows to increase the intake by 2-3 times, which helps reduce digestive, metabolism and stable vice issues¹.

Feeding Hay at a Natural Pace: That’s Pure Horse Sense.

The scientifically-designed Haygain Forager, developed in cooperation with the Royal Agricultural University, bridges the gap between natural behavior and stable routine by regulating your horse’s eating pace.

It comes with two different hay regulators (patent pending), which have apertures of different shapes and sizes. These help your horse to naturally forage around by pulling the hay through the various holes a bit at a time, without causing stress – just like grazing in nature!

Hatgain Forager Slow Feeder

Benefits of Feeding with the Haygain Forager:

✓Regulates the pace at which your horse eats

✓Encourages a natural feeding position

✓ Saves you time and money