SmartBricks™ Rubber Safety Pavers

Over 8.5 million sq. ft. Installed in Equine Facilities Worldwide

SmartBricks Safety paversOur rubber SmartBricks™ have been made here in the U.S.A. for over 31 years.  We have outfitted 8.5 million square feet of barn aisles, wash stalls and pathways – even driveways and rooftop patios.  We have a great array of creative designs, thicknesses and colors.  Please feel free to call to discuss sub base options for your facility.  Samples are available for all of our products.

The most popular are the “tried ‘n’ true” traditional individual ‘I’-shaped bricks offered in two thicknesses.

The 43 mm (1.69 or 1-11/16 inch) thickness can be installed ‘loose-laid’ on concrete without glue, or directly on a compacted road base with a thin layer of stone dust as a leveling course.  For in-ground installation, the I-Bricks self-lock into the stone dust layer to create a substantial, consistent, eye-appealing floor with a life expectancy of over 20 years!

SmartBricks Rubber Safety PaversThe 21.5 mm or (.85 or  ⅞ inch)  thickness is only used for gluing down on concrete or asphalt; however loose laying the thicker brick if clearances allow is the better choice aesthetically and economically given the costs involved with glue and labor are equal.

These I-Bricks come in “SOLID” colors:  black, redwood, dark green or slate grey.  The black, redwood and green also come in a popular “TWEED” flecked look that is great for camouflaging dust, dirt particles or stable debris.

Tweed and Solid Monochromatic I-Bricks

Proudly made in the U.S.A. utilizing German-engineered molds
Size: 7 ¾” x 6 ¼”
Thickness: 43mm or (1.69” = 1-11/16 inch)
Solid I-Brick Colors: Redwood, Forest Green, Grey, and Black
Tweed I-Brick Colors: Redwood, Green, Multi-Black (no Grey)
3.42 pavers per sq. ft., 2.49 lb. per brick, 307 square feet per pallet @ 2,650 lbs.

Glue Down Thin Paver I-Bricks

SmartBricks Rubber Safety PaversSize: 7 ¾” x 6 ¼”
Thickness: 21.5mm / .85”= 7/8”
Tweed colors: Redwood, Green, Multi-Black (no Grey)
Solid Monochromatic colors: Redwood, Green, Black (no Grey)

Transition Edging

Anti-stumble edging for I-Bricks
Regular I-Brick Size: 10″ x 3’3″, reduces from 1.69″ to 0.125″ over a 10″ span, 11 lbs. each
Glue Down Thin Paver Size: 10″ x 3’3″, reduces from 0.85″ to 0.125″ over a 3″ span, 5 lbs. each

SmartBricks™ Rubber Safety Pavers – For Healthier Horses, Healthier Stables and a Healthier Bottom Line

SmartBricks Rubber Safety Pavers

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